Crowd Sensing (by smartphones) Into A Sound Based System

Sound City – Mobi Project WS2020 / 21

Presented by
Muhammad Farooq Azam & Daniel Raj Kumari

Main Idea

A visual noise display application will be used to measure noise and location. Based on the data it will calculate sound levels in dB and then send a notification to the user regarding their noise level. The main goal is to nudge the users about their noise level which might result in lowering their noise that can lead to less noise pollution and better health.


Application Architecture

Main Features


New users needs to create an account to use the application. Users also have the option to update their profile information and can even upload a profile picture. 

Noise Calculation

After pressing the record button the application will gather the noise and the location and after hitting the pause button the recording will stop and the calculation will be done in the background.  


Notification Page

Once the recording is finished users location and their sound level will be displayed as well as the date and time for that particular recording.

History Page

A separate history page is also added within the application so that the users can go back and check their noise levels, their location with date and time. Users also have the option to delete a specific recording in case they wanted too. 

Average dB calculation

On the history page users also have the option to see the average dB level at particular location. This calculation is been done with Odysseus and the data is sent directly to database and then to the application.