Noise Mapping for Smart City

Sound City – Mobi Project WS2020 / 21

 Team Members:
Malik Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Bilal Hussain, Shahan Ilyas

Project Description

The main goal of this project is to create a noise map for a smart city. Data is gathered through different mobile devices then this data is filtered by using odysseus. Noise map can help people in their daily life in mainy ways, people can check the noise level at any point of a city, then they can plan their routine accordingly.

Smart City Motivation

  • Noise

Sound that is loud and unpleasant, causing disturbance.

  • Problems
    • Effects quality of life
    • Physical and mental health
    • Annoyance for work
    • Effects study performance

Vision for Bamberg

  • Making Bamber a Smart City
  • Business planning
  • Construction projects (Hospitals, Schools, etc)
  • A great need being a tourist city
  • Helpful for students

Website Design: User View

This is the main view which user will see after login.

Applying Cluster to Near Points

Cluster is applied on near points so that the user can get the overall noise level of an area instead of a pinned location.

Social Feature of Project

To inhance the user interaction this social feature of commenting is provided. User can add feedback to any particular point which can be viewed afterwards.

Administration Side View

Admin will interact with this page after login, where admin can add, delete and update users. Moreover admin can view active users and notifications.

User Management

Admin can add new users and also can update and delete existing users.


Some more screenshots of the project

Technologies used for this web application